2012 ASCO Annual Meeting-Chicago/USA

2012 ASCO Annual Meeting-Chicago/USA
Award IDEA recipients and the chairman of IDEA program, ASCO

dimanche 31 janvier 2010

World Cancer day, 4 February 2010: key messages


Message one (painting the picture)
Each year, 12 million people receive a cancer diagnosis and 7.6 million people die of cancer. If no action is taken, the worldwide cancer burden is projected to reach 26 million[1] new diagnoses in the year 2030 and 17 million[2] deaths, with the most rapid increases occurring in low- and middle-income countries.
Message two (insight and umbrella message)
The good news is that experts estimate that approximately 40% of cancers are potentially preventable. You can significantly reduce the risk of you or your family developing cancers related to tobacco use, heavy alcohol consumption, excessive sun exposure and obesity by avoiding these risk factors and encouraging healthy behaviour such as regular exercise and eating healthily.
Message three (preventing cancers caused by infections - the focus for World Cancer Day 2010)
In addition, some cancers such as cervical, liver and stomach cancers are known to be caused by chronic infections. Prevention of these infections is possible through interventions such as vaccination, antibiotics, improved sanitation and learning simple avoidance strategies.
Message four (the vehicle)
World Cancer Day, under the campaign slogan “Cancer can be prevented too”, is led by the International Union Against Cancer (UICC), the leading international NGO which unites over 300 member organisations in more than 100 countries in the global fight against cancer through the implementation of the World Cancer Declaration.

Support World Cancer Day 2010 - February 4th. Visit www.uicc.org

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