2012 ASCO Annual Meeting-Chicago/USA

2012 ASCO Annual Meeting-Chicago/USA
Award IDEA recipients and the chairman of IDEA program, ASCO

jeudi 10 octobre 2013


AGIR ENSEMBLE/HOPE MEDICAL CENTER: GLOBE ATHON EVENT IN GOMA On October 5, 2013 Agir Ensemble has hold the Globe-athon event which consists of a 2 hours meeting with women who brought kids at vaccination at Virunga Health Center and cervical cancer screening for 20 women free of charge at Hope Medical Center. The objectives of the event were: 1. To gather 40 women for the meeting 2. To get commitment of proceeding to BSE of 90% of attendees 3. To do cervical cancer screening for 20 women free of charge at Hope Medical center. We have gathered 53 women at Virunga health center and we taught them how to do Breast Self Examination (BSE) for breast cancer early detection. Almost all women (51) found this information very important for their life and have committed to proceed to the BSE every day and to consult doctor for any change to their breasts. All attendees (53) committed to leverage the message to their friend. After this meeting we went to the Hope Medical Center and we got a round table with 10 women before beginning the cervical cancer screening. During this round table we explained to women the relevance of colposcopy to prevent cervical cancer screening and all of them committed to spread the message to their friends. Then we begun colposcopy and other women arrived progressively during the day and in total we screened 18 women among them: 15 had negative results (83.33%), 1 has LSIL (5.56%) and 2 have HSIL (11.11%). Indicators of success: 1. Attendees: 53/ 40 expected => 132.5% 2. We have got commitment of 51 women/53 attendees to practice BSE in their life => 96.23% 3. All women who attended the event (100%) committed to leverage the message to their friends. 4. Screened women: 18/20 expected => 90%. This event was a valuable day to allow us raising awareness of women cancer, especially cervical cancer and breast cancer to let women know what can be done for prevention and early detection. Done in Goma, October 9, 2013. Mateus Kambale Sahani, MD Agir Ensemble/Hope Medical Center.

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