2012 ASCO Annual Meeting-Chicago/USA

2012 ASCO Annual Meeting-Chicago/USA
Award IDEA recipients and the chairman of IDEA program, ASCO

lundi 20 janvier 2014


Agir Ensemble has been honored by the award offered to its director of health department, Dr Mateus Kambale Sahani, by the University of Chicago/USA to attend the AORTIC 2013 conference and the ACLI program in Durban/Africa. There were 12 ACLI recipients from different countries in Africa among which 1 francophone country, Democratic Republic of Congo, represented by, Dr Mateus of Agir Ensemble. ACLI is the African Cancer Leaders Institute and has the aims to develop and improve leadership for young oncologists in Africa The selection was very competitive and only the best could be selected. For this first class, 67 applications were submitted and only 12 were selected. A number of mentors were appointed for the recipients and this award allows recipients to remain in permanent contact with their mentors and develop a long friendship and their career in oncology. This to say it is just a beginning and many things are coming in the future. Career development in this field, especially in our country, needs efforts from every one, stakeholders and political commitments. Many topics have been developed at the conference among them how to disseminate skills gained and how to improve program in the respective countries. At the end of the ACLI Meeting certificates were awarded to the 12 members. A lot of things have been learnt and it can be useful for people in Democratic Republic of Congo. Six African countries represented by 12 oncologists have attended the program activities. The delegates were from the following countries: 1. Nigeria: 5 delegates 2. D.R.Congo: 1 delegate 3. Kenya: 2 delegates 4. Zambia: 1 delegate 5. Ghana: 1 delegate 6. South Africa: 2 delegates Done in Goma, January 20, 2014. Mateus Kambale Sahani, M.D. Agir Ensemble/Health Department/Hope Medical Center Goma-D.R.Congo, Tel: +243-998625635/+250-788884503, Email: kambalesahani@yahoo.fr or agirense@yahoo.fr, Blog: http://agirensemblerdc.blogspot.com

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